Vybz Kartel – True Friends Lyrics

Baby dem a nuh you friend
When dem ready dem sit down and chat you

True friend, show mi
Shi naw talk your life story
Naw try fi tek you man
Are grudge you for your looks

True friend, and when you down she comforts you
Tell you your beautiful and how your heart is good

(Verse 1)
But you have some a dem
Tell bare lie paw you
But anything she seh you do
She did it to
Badmind fi the wardrobe
And a you dancehall style and yo business look
When you see that girl
Tell her bi**h kneel down and kiss this foot
Frenny-poo, sissy-poo
Some a dem a winnie-Coo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Some a dem a some badmind friend
Some a dem a some grudgeful friend
Some a dem a some crosses friend
Cut dem off gyal crosses dem
Some a dem a tek weh you man friend
Some a dem a beg you a grand friend
Some a dem a just hold down friend
Get rid a dem

(Repeat Chorus 2X)