Troy Ave – Riding In My Whip Lyrics

I wrote this in jail I’m back though, you heard
Couldn’t wait to get back, get in my V and pull the f**k off
Tried to hold a ni**a ransom, money too long you heard

(Verse 1)
Real street ni**a talking bout the real streets
All my V’s drop from the foreigns to the Jeep
Let the sun shine in thank you lord
Hot boy Troy heading out to a freak
She pull up, I get the workout without pull ups
My son almost 2 I’m getting money for his pull-ups
Use the leftovers for a house and Range Rover
Bought my baby moms her first one now that things over
Waiting for this damn case to be the same thing
Everyday I think about my homie Bang Bang
Lemon pepper wings soon as I get out of jail
Gotta buy a new phone cause police kept my cell
And my jewelry but a ni**a getting all new ice
B$B rings, Big chains ni**a boss up your life
Married to the game but still f**king your wife
You been hating so her pu**y for revenge feels nice

(Chorus – 2X)
Riding in my whip all my paperwork legit
I’m official, ni**a you officially be riding d*ck
Up in rush hour traffic, I ain’t in a rush though
Cause these bi**hes gotta wait and this dutch burn slow

(Verse 2)
When I was young I always wanted to grow up and get guap
Couldn’t make this type of bread as a fireman or cop
Too much student loans to become a lawyer or a doc
I ain’t into owing paper, all my kilos on the spot
Got a cool lil chick who smoke a brick straight pass
Real pretty but was real skinny till I bought that bi**h a ass
Can’t nobody say I ain’t gave back to the community
Gotta look at people strange who say they ain’t feeling me
I’m a living legend out the city, y’all stand tall
If you from the hood though know I represent you all
I got love for every coast and every ni**a tryna make it
I got questions for the ones that see us and they hating
Why you mad huh tell me why you mad motherf**ker
I’m gonna start acting funny style like im Chris Tucker
Up in rush hour traffic I ain’t in a rush though, cause these bi**hes wait and this dutch burn slow
Riding in my whip all my paperwork legit
I’m official, you officially be riding d*ck
I went about it the right way humble and you left out
I been said you can’t have your hand and your chest out
I remember feeling good when my coke was fresh out
But when they was calling and I ain’t have no more I was stressed out
But I put 2 on every 10 that way it stretched out
1200 every 1000g that clears any debt out, damn
Impressive as a motherf**ker, real hustlers know
Put a little ice in that thing, It’ll take you a long way