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Azealia Banks – Blossom [New Music] | Stream

Azealia Banks debut her latest single “Blossom” amidst controversy surrounding her social media antics.

The track was originally recorded for her debut album Fantasea II: The Second Wave and was leaked online this week. Banks revealed on Instagram that the single was produced by Oakwud and is about a lesbian romance.

In recent months Azalea Banks has had a number of beefs with other celebrities on social media including a spat with Sara Palin who threatened to sue her and most recently Zayn Malik. He Twitter account was also suspended back in May but resurfaced back online before she officially called it quits and deleted her account.

Check out the full single and the lyrics below.

Looking in the crystal ball
Get it in with Miss DuJour
Little bam little B to get you going
That’s the way I like it, uh
Give your man a kiss goodnight
In the mix with Miss Delight
And romance, we could freak do what you like
That’s the way I like it, uh

Azealia Banks – Blossom Lyrics

Listen track below.

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