Vic Mensa & Joey Purp – 773 Freestyle Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Vic Mensa)
Back on top, I been through more lows than you can imagine
Flew higher than most, I’m always traveling
Been places that you never been twice
Went in all around the world, I’m victory lapping
How did it happen? How did it happen?
Stay focused with a lot of distractions
I was shipping packs like I manufacture
Used to move the product, I’m still a product of that s**t
Killa Cam taught me keep calm under pressure
Moms told me keep outta trouble, huh, as if
I was tryna make a little money on my own
Graduated from an eighth to a zone, now I’m grown
Sixteen, started writing sixteens
Late night candle light, making sure the pen was right
Shootouts outside the studio
I was in the hood when you was playing Yu-Gi-Oh!
I stopped dealing dope, it just wasn’t in the cards
When I got robbed in a car by this ni**a with his baby momma, he was tryna cut my price
If you hearing this song, just know I’m sh*tting on your life
Give it to them twice, s**tting on your life
You still wearing wife beaters, hitting on your wife
If she hit me today, bet I hit her in the night
But I don’t even want it man, I ain’t even fronting man
Ask Mikkey Halsted, the streets know
Since little Vic with the Don King fro
Rumble in the jungle, Ali flow
Ali Baba, international commas
Six some summers I’ve been out here repping
773 312 section
You ain’t really from the city don’t rep it
You ain’t really from the city don’t rep it

(Verse 2 – Joey Purp)
First things first I’m back at it and back in it
Fixed my lean habit, quit with the ad-libbing
Ni**as be back packing, this ain’t no back pack s**t
Every bookbag I had had pounds in it
Let them boys keep the attention, glorifying all of the horror stories we get left with
Four or five ni**as be bending corners in your section
Ghost-riding all type of foreigns, we misdirected
And I’m supposed to sit by watching my young ni**as die while all you young ni**as lie?
I’ve heard your fairy tales about a hundred different times
Gave my brother forty five it’s like a hundred on my mind
Only west side ni**as keep a hundred on the nine
And I ride forty five with a hundred on my side
360 on my wrist with my bi**h in the bedroom
And she know I keep it 100, 169, yeah

(Verse 3 – Vic Mensa)
I’m a South Side prince
Prince at first avenue get my revenue rinsed
Benjamin Franklins in the sink
RP, Killa Cam, rocking all pink
Tenth grade styling ni**as thought that s**t was gay
Pause, fast forward, now they ride the same wave
Skinny jeans, Billie Jean, been a don
Squad look like United Colors of Benetton

(Verse 4 – Joey Purp)
Been a dream, been a king, ni**a
Been a god, been a man, ni**a
Bending corners counting Benjamins
Ben and Jerry ass ni**a sweeter than some cinnamon
Ice cream sneakers, same color as the paint job
And the inside same color as a ring pop
I was pulling hoes wearing Phat Farm tank tops
First we get em in, get the number, then we get them all
I just f**ked your bi**h with my Gucci house slippers on

(Verse 5 – Vic Mensa)
Sorry I ain’t even really mean to offend y’all right
But my girl’s skin darker than my rims are, yeah
Purp move so much weight he need a trim spa, true
We be hanging like Steph Curry’s mouth guard, yeah
Jake Gyllenhaal and I box Southpaw
I should prolly beef with Diddy, we the Outlawz
But desperate….put me on the first PJ
Me and Joey making bands since Kids These Days

(Verse 6 – Joey Purp)
But these days we still running it like relays
I was making plays on flip phones that’s pre-paid
Bathing Ape tees with the Bathing Ape key chain
Straight the back braid, uh

(Verse 7 – Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, and both)
My new girl work at the factory
Cheesecake, working on a degree from Northwestern
Told her study this D, teach the girl a lesson
Why they still out here wearing Birkenstocks
Work the block, ni**as undercover serving cops
Underpaid and under pressure, under fear of getting shot
And the murder rate higher than Doctor Jay’s socks
Purp be the Pusha Man, word to Nate Fox
And ni**a Vic be the fireman, keeping s**t hot!
Jack Frost in the zip lock, dodging d**k cops
Bout to go and take a trip huh, with my bi**h huh
Tryna make her do a trick huh on the d**k huh