Boosie Badazz – Fly Away Lyrics

(Chorus – Boosie Badazz)
Sometimes I wish I could fly
So many wish they could ball
So many names on the wall
Too many gangstas on the yard
Probably the realest s**t I ever wrote

(Verse 1 – Boosie Badazz)
Sometimes I wanna fly away from all this money madness
But I think about it, how many people wish they f**king had it
Imma be all the way one hundred, miss my f**king daddy
Miss my ni**a right now, josing, making commissary
We pack the mortuary, this life is dark and scary
You can’t trust too many, gotta know who against me
I take shots of Henny, man, I need a break
I’m two steps away from clicking 40 minutes straight
I make the real relate, real music gave back to the hood
So tell me this ni**a, how could you hate?
Slander me in the news. Press conference around my crews
Many nights I wanted to fly away and give my kids my dues
I know some ni**as in the booth, wish they had ten thousand dollars
Know some ni**as up in jail, wish they woulda been a scholar
Model citizen, you tripping if you ain’t feeling it
Everybody go through roller coaster rides
I miss my granny, I ain’t lying

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Boosie Badazz)
Damn, that ni**a wanna ball like me
Diabetes, enemies, you want it all like me
Where people take your words and twist it
On parole, still pissing
Mad, wishing somebody’d make some more real ass ni**as
Nobody showing love. This how we growing up
Don’t know if we gonna see tomorrow, this why we showing up
Better do something if you wanna ball
Yeah we do something, my ni**as on call
Just looked at a picture of six ni**as
Only two of us now
Your honor, I’ve been doing right
I don’t want no trouble
P.O. I just wanna feed my family. I just wanna travel
I know you tired of going to college, but don’t wanna tell daddy
Got a vision, but your vision come up a different alley
Of yes sir’s and no sir’s
As a child I wanted to fly away from junkies, Budweiser’s, lies and cuss words
Got in them streets and I realized
No matter how good you gonna still die
Tears come to my eye for Bleek and Ivy
So many ni**as cross the wall
Wish they could ball again
Homicide, momma crying, they got her son again
Hurt the whole family, ripped they pride away
Little sister wanna fly away

(Verse 3 – Boosie Badazz)
Can’t forget my ni**as who, they gave a life sentence to
Lil Joe, Dan, Mike Fleet and Moo, my penitentiary crew
I know you wanna fly away sometimes
That sh*t be hitting you
Convicted as a killer, but don’t let your mind be convicted too
The police killing ni**as
Ni**as playing it south
Damn, that ni**a killing now
He’s a f**king cause
S**t, put my name on the wall with them wall ni**as
The two new Craigs, both hit with the flame, yeah ya’ll ni**as
Fly away, God help me. Luvah just lost his nephew
Still a young ni**a, I left he was seven
Mookie still crying tears and it hurt my heart
Make you wanna fly away, when they murk ya boy
I know your pain lil momma
You want the Hollywood lifestyle
The lights, but it’s hard, cuz your from Alabama
Hurting inside, but smiling for the camera
S**t, so much pressure you feel like giving up

(Repeat Chorus)