Bankroll Fresh Featuring YFN Lucci – Dirty Game (Remix) Lyrics

You gotta keep your eyes open now, man
This s**t is getting deep
Where my cup at?
You keep your eyes open ni**a

(Chorus – Bankroll Fresh)
See my close friend change, turned my side hoe to my main
Riding rear view every time I change lanes
Streets so f**ked up, man this is dirty game
Drink drink, smoke smoke, just to ease the pain 2X

(Verse 1 – YFN Lucci)
Gotta ease the pain, I just gotta ease the pain
I say I gotta change the game
S**t’ll never be the same
They killed my brother for a lane
Pu*** boy tryna get a name
Now we ride around tryna catch a stain
100 rounds, we tryna kill everything
These ni**as wish they can pop s**t like this
They hating cause a ni**a getting it in
I hope you lil ni**as listening
I’m worth more, I just came in
I’m on tour, you know that back in
I’m in that big Benz, I gotta back in
Yeah, you know I usually ride with that Mac 10
I’m too short, get smoked like a Newport
They asked me who I do it for?
Now my ni**a gotta go to court
Gotta roll some weed and smoke another joint
F**k it ni**a, roll another one
Last year I lost my brother Nut
Lost Muffin all over nothing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Bankroll Fresh)
I see my bi**h change on me
My main bi**h doing side things
My side bi**h acting like my main
My main bi**h tripping, going insane
I’ve been trying to keep it in the lane
I’ve been trying to keep it in the row
I’ve been trying pull up give and go
I’ve really trying not to explode
These ni**as been tripping anyway
These ni**as been tripping everyday
I’ve been trying to get money, getting paid
Trying getting money like my ni**a Ace
Money Making Mitch, on some real s**t
I like big money, so I pop big s**t
I’m getting money so you ni**as having bi**h fits
I’m getting money so you ni**as having bi**h fits
Pull up ni**a, I’m who your bi**h with
Louie V ni**a, like I left Dapper Dan
20-17, I’m a move to Amsterdam
These ni**as hating, they gonna really need an ambulance
We toting K’s like we come from Afghanistan
Whole hood wilding out, like the Taliban
Get you ass wet for a whole pack of xans
I got Street Money, can’t do nothing but win

(Repeat Chorus)