Pusha T & Jeremih – Paid Lyrics

(Intro – Pusha T)
Yeah, King Push
Uh, Jeremih
You know we all about that money, right?
Well let’s get paid

(Pre Chorus – Jeremih)
Paid! Paid!
Tryna get paid
Tryna get paid

(Chorus – Jeremih)
You ain’t talking bout the money, what you talking
I’m tryna get paid
F**k what they say
I don’t need no faves
All I need is blue faces
Dead presidents, roll the same
Moving up, George Jefferson
Shopping sprees, I know you’ve never been
All these ni**as hate
Had to hit em with the wave
First class, talking 1A
First class, talking 1A

(Verse 1 – Pusha T)
New money, blue hunnids
Cold winters, cruel summers
We winners, the crew of us
It’s nothing better than living it with your brothers
New wheels on deck, no chill, we flex
New chicks, we sex, who’s up? We next
It’s a race til the finish line
Til all my dogs eat like it’s dinner time
We spend it on light toys, dodging them bike boys
Flipping them pill packs, dodging them bike boys
We know the risk and the payoff
You only live once, so we never take a day off
Chop shops are the small change
Small gun with a long range
With the molly, made our own lane
We just here to get paid, we just tryna get paid

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Pusha T)
Remember sleeping on the rooftops?
Now what I’m driving out, a roof drops
No more skating through my tube socks
You wild ni**as like the Boondocks
The treasure’s inside of the trunk
Help mama with the first of the month
Baby mama get to buy what she want
Baby sister get to buy the free lunch
It goes down when the poverty’s up, woo!
See the difference is, had to get it, no privilege
Had to take it, no middle man
Just divided up the dividends
That’s drug dealer discipline
That’s how you reel em in
For that almighty dollar
I make the whole gang follow
The only way to pop bottles
You gotta have the money and the power
We just tryna get paid

(Repeat Chorus)