Nas & Erykah Badu – This Bitter Land [New Music]

Nas and Erykah Badu “This Bitter Land” will leave you in awe with their musical prowess. The single is featured on the upcoming film The Land Soundtrack and was produced by produced by Nas and JB Bontemps.

Nas is the executive-producer behind the film and he soundtrack. But Erykah Badu and Machine Gun Kelly also stars in the movie The Land. Other artists featured on the soundtrack includes Kanye West, Machine Gun Kelly, Pusha T, French Montana, and Jeremih.

Check out the full single and some of the lyrics below.

This bitter land
Watered with my soul
The fruit it bears
Leaves me so cold
This bitter land
Does nothing for love
This bitter land
Brings pain from above, oh-oh

Nas & Erykah Badu – This Bitter Land Lyrics

Listen full track below.