Demarco – The Party Wild Lyrics

(Verse 1)
One mind a seh fi just wheel off and buss it in a the dance
My youth better hold you composure
Cyaa meck the dance done too early
You nuh si sexy girls a come over
My girl rest you head paw mi shoulder
Brace paw mi, bend you up like a folder
Any bwoy nuh waan no gyal let out a da crowd yah
Cause you nuh si the gyal dem a bubble like soda

How da party yah widl suh?
Hey, how da gyal deh a wine suh?
How da party yah wild suh?
Liquor in a mi cup and everybody just nice suh

How da party yah wild suh?
Mi a beg you so nuh meck mi shirt soil suh
How da party yah wild suh?
And every gyal a bubble up
And dem a smile suh

(Verse 2)
Every cup full up
Well wild dawg
Money pull up
Well clean fi mi clothe it nuh do dirt
Mi wi tell a gyal hi dawg that a too much
rated this a wild bwoy settings
Wi move to the bar dawg wi nuh seh things
M&P that a fi mi gun meckings
And no gyal naw get pamper nor petting’s

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)