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Gully Bop Arrested In New York For Robbery and Domestic Violence

Gully Bop found himself behind bars in New York City yesterday as his career continues a downward spiral.

The “Wuk Off A Mi” deejay was booked in NYC for robbery and domestic violence after having a dispute with girlfriend A’Mari. Sources told Urban Islandz that the deejay is still behind bars at the time of this publication and will miss a concert in Guyana.

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“They had one of their usual episodes and A’Mari called the cops on him,” sources told us. “She also told cops that he took money from her and was about to leave the country.”

Gully Bop, who was scheduled to leave New York on a flight to Guyana yesterday, was booked on battery charges, a misdemeanor.

The on-again off-again couple has had a rocky relationship from the get-go with A’Mari regularly posting videos on social media bashing Gully Bop.

Back in December Gully Bop attacked his then girlfriend Shauna Chin while accusing her of infidelity. The entire ordeal was captured on video by Chin and posted online.


  1. Goodbye Gully Bop.The visa you have will be revoked and you will no longer be allowed in the US,Canada,or the UK and maybe the EU.It’s over for you,idiot.

  2. is this real?

    • Heard about it yesterday. Gully bop is doom if he stay with that ugly woman Amari. He was better off with Shauna chin

      • He wasn’t with Amari he left her 2 months ago but she is out for revenge that’s what’s up. He is a fool I do not know why he keeps going back and forth to New York like he owns it.

      • Are you talking about their sexual relationship or professional relationship? ?

    • Yep it is both Toya and Rica confined it also but the writer of this story sucks. They need to investigate more before they write crap. I don’t feel sorry for Gully Bop at all back to the ghetto the hood rat goes. These men love sleep with lots women he should have known the devil was one of them.

      • I’m confused. If he’s convicted, how much time is he looking at? Will he serve time in America or Jamaica?

      • If he is convicted he will have to serve time in America. I do not know how much time All I know is he will be deported after and never be able to go back to the states.

      • What happens after deportees return? Are they able to find work?

      • Yes they can work but only certain places they didn’t kill anyone. But I don’t think Gully Bop was charged because he did go Guyana. He was most likely only brought in for questioning. Amari is a big fat liar normally if you are arrested and charged in North American you cannot leave.