Ninjaman Responds to HIV/AIDS Rumors and Beef With Gully Bop Ex

Ninjaman is responding to recent rumors that he has HIV/AIDS.

The dancehall legend was forced to address the reports after Gully Bop’s ex-girlfriend A’Mari published a damning video of a conversation she has with another female who claimed that she contracted the deadly virus from the deejay.

Ninjaman Threatens Gully Bop and Amari Over Social Media Row

“Unnu say me have full fledged AIDS 10 years now,” Ninjaman said.

The “Jamaican Town” deejay has been beefing with Gully Bop and now ex-girlfriend A’Mari for the last couple of weeks with both parties slandering each other on social media.

Ninjaman also denied that he has HIV or AIDS and calling the female claim BS. Watch both videos below.



  1. Ninjaman, predicating on how you are parsing your words–AIDS versus HIV–it would seem as if you have HIV…

  2. He’s really pissed.?