Fabolous – My S**t (Remix) Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Fabolous)
We on that Summertime Shootout 2 now
And I’m on D’usse number two now
All she know is level up got her in her bag now
Hating hoes never up so they throwing jabs now
See that Rollie on her wrist now when she dab now
She could throw it in the bag now like she Fab now
Got her rolling in the Benz like f**k a cab now
We pulling up like, f**k it’s at now
We run it up, we don’t run from tabs now
We f**k it up then go get it back now
Love when the baddies call me zaddy
All you bi**hes upset, call em maddys
Tell em we ain’t lacking ya we got the rattys
Got no time for no pop up by your baby daddy
But I see you on your slim thick with the fatty
Waist so small, stomach all flatty
Make up on fleek and the body tatted
When she pop it, make me wanna throw some money at it
And every time I grab it I say that’s my sh*t
Then you put it on me Lil Mo and Josh it
So down to earth still on some fly s**t
This that BK, BX, NY sh*t
On a boy bye s**t taking vacays now
You can catch us out in Vegas we be up in Drais now
In Miami doing LIV on Sundays now
Or in LA now, turning up in Playhouse
But every time you see us we be on some fly s**t
Diamonds talking for me saying look at my s**t
And we buying Rolls on some NY s**t
Fab and A-Boogie on some NY s**t

(Interlude – A-Boogie)
In my bag now, in my bag now
What the f**k is that sound
What the f**k is that sound

(Verse 2 – A-Boogie)
Brought the mac out, ni**as sat down
I got s**t I never had now, I could brag now
Got my bi**h a Louis bag now, she could brag now
Bought my bi**h a Birkin bag now, she a brat now
Now I’m sitting in the club, in a different bag now
Baby when I pick it up, you gon put that a*s down
Tell em you don’t give a f**k, baby spit that a*s round
Tell the DJ turn it up, what the f**k is that sound
A-Boogie with the Hoodie, and it’s always foreign
Yeah I know she like my style, them other ni**as boring
When I pull up it go skrrt skrrt, that’s a foreign
When I pull up on a red light, they don’t want it
Yeah I came up from the mud, and my baby know that
Introduced her to my plug, now she think she all that
When I first hit her up, no she never wrote back
Then I saw her at the club, so I got up on that

(Chorus – A-Boogie)
Now every time they play this song she say, this is my s**t
See the flick on my wrist
And I know she know what’s up, baby this is my s**t
See the flick on my wrist

(Verse 3 – A-Boogie)
They know that’s my bi**h, that’s a fact and she stuck with me
When you in my section fill it up when my cup empty
I can’t f**k with rats, that’s a fact, that’s a dub ni**a
All about my F can’t put water over blood ni**a
Trust me it get ugly
If I wasn’t getting money, would you still want me
If I told you I was broke, would you start acting funny
This is all I ever wanted, you can’t take it from me

(Repeat Chorus)