Dae Dae Featuring Lil Yachty – Wat U Mean (Remix) Lyrics

Hey Dae Dae you know we had to bring this bi**h back right

(Verse 1 – Dae Dae)
Back then it was concrete
I remember when they wouldn’t stand me
I remember when they doubted me
Now they wanna feature probably
K Blood know you 20 gang, no set tripping on a crip fool
Jesus blessed me with a gold Rollie and a gold single, I’m a f**king fool
Showing out because you didn’t believe me
Showing out to say I’m a preacher
Glock on me better not reach ya
Props on, give me, me
Dropped on, give me, me
My pops all proud of me
Four shows in a week
Four doors on that jeep
Four marching from polices
All this Henney going on, I feel like this roadway safe
Say the f**k? Get out my way
Boulevard ain’t safe
Lakewood ain’t safe
Street ain’t safe
Summerhill ain’t safe
Ain’t safe
Thought you believed in me
Thought you were my friend you traded on me
Heard you had that….money
Until I came in the game
Everybody dancing, they be like

(Chorus – Dae Dae)
Ay, ay, ay, ay
Ay, ay, ay, ay
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Ay, ay, ay, ay
Got a family to feed, got a family to feed
They depending on me, they depending on me
If you don’t believe in me
I’m like f**k ya, I’m like f**k ya
F**k ya

(Verse 2 – Lil Yachty)
Racks on my like I’m YC
I’m in Blueflame with no ID
Got a bad bi**h in a two piece
She gon rip you off like Bruce Lee
Bi**h it’s Lil Boat
Diamond chain like a disco
Got a gang of ni**as staying 10 toes
And free big…out the chain gang with the chicos
More like free throw, I’m the Don Dotta
All my hipster bi**h call me big poppa
Shout out Zuse, that’s my top shotta
Sold out every show cause I’m a show stopper
I’m the big gang to these little OG’s
I should stuff a ni**a in the f**king locker
Too positive to tote around a chopper
My brother…to clock ya, bi**h

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Dae Dae)
Thought you believed in me
I thought you had them racks, but you got evicted
Heard you had it on you, you penny pinching
Til I pulled up to get it, to get it, get it
Racks on me like a muhhf**ka
Racks on me, got them racks on me)
I was just broke like a muhhf**ka
I was down bad I ain’t had s**t
Racks on me like woow
Racks on me got, them racks on me
F**k ni**as like hoow
F**k ni**as like how?
How he do that?
Jumped off the porch, I was on the go
Mama couldn’t tell me s**t, I was trapping in the fo
Could you take the pain away?
I gotta make a way a way, way
For my family, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)