Nipsey Hussle – Clarity ft. Bino Rideaux & Dave East Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

(Chorus – Bino Rideaux)
I’ve been wanting to coupe ain’t no clarity in my whips
That Rollie bezzel dazzle, the clarity on my wrist
That .40 get to dancing, I carry it on my hip
I ain’t gon feel no pressure, don’t care how these ni**as feel
I ain’t gon keep stressing on problems, I’m doing drugs
You can’t see it how I see it, you can’t keep up
All my enemies defeated, we run it up
All my money go away when I count it up

(Verse 1 – Nipsey Hussle)
Used kiss my granny, make my morning swerves
Foggy window in my Cutlass was my learning curve
Keep a couple pistols in my furniture
Every time they serve my set, we came to service yours
Tell you something bout my city in case you never heard
All these gangs in competition, who gon murder more?
We never wave no white flag in this servant war
Head shots so you murder stores
Check out my perfect form
Straight out the eye of this perfect storm
I did my mine with a perfect score
Don’t waste time I just work some more
Rolls Royce raps and my tone is Forbes
I’ma take it overboard
Goyard by my .44
Go hard cause this world is yours
I’ma pay our fee
Smoked out with this .40 on
Bossed up like a Corleone
All these Maybach seats

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Dave East)
Projects to the condo, thinking bout should I decorate?
Only motivation I ever needed was Section 8
Pissy staircases, rats and roaches, wasn’t resting late
Coke and dope we separate
Ain’t bagged it yet, they better wait
S600 black Mercedes-Benz, I love the features
Free my cousin, the D’s caught him with 100 pieces
Foreign visas, smoking in Japan, I’m from the cement
One of the homies start telling, I ain’t wanna believe it
Backwoods still burning out, Maserati murking
This that s**t they ain’t heard about, certified in person
Real ni**as serve a purpose, write my life out in these verses
Clarity in this Rollie, my bi**h into Fendi purses
On Slausen with no license, Nipsey told me take a two liter
Twenty thousand on me, I just made that s**t off two features
Cousin just came home and all he asking for is new sneakers
Sun up to sundown I used to trap, I was look who need it
Dave East ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)