Mavado Son Attacked and Shot

Dancehall star Mavado son was shot and injured.

Police sources say that the teenager is currently in the hospital in serious condition after receiving a single gunshot wound.

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The incident reportedly took place a week ago in Cassava Piece, St. Andrew where Mavado grew up.

“They have not received an official report from him as he is undergoing treatment,” Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay said. “The information we have is that he is the son of Mavado.”

Police say they have no lead so far but are actively investigating the shooting incident. We reached out to Mavado for comment but his reps declined.


Sources are telling us that Mavado’s son and another teen had a dispute over the singjays involvement in the community. “He was simply defending his father’s contribution to Cassava Piece and these other youths are acting like Vado never do anything for the community,” sources said.

Sources also told us that cops are looking for the shooter.