Beyonce ‘Stop Killing Us’ Lash Out At Police Shooting Of Alton Sterling

Beyonce is the most recent big name celebrities to react to the recent police killing of Alton Sterling.

Drake, Kanye West, The Game, and Chris Brown has all said their piece about the unfortunate incident that has become too frequent.

Drake, Kanye West Speak Out On Alton Sterling Shooting

“We are sick and tired of the killings of young men and women in our communities,” Beyonce wrote on her website. “It is up to us to take a stand and demand that they ‘stop killing us.’ We don’t need sympathy. We need everyone to respect our lives.”

“These robberies of lives make us feel helpless and hopeless,” she added. “But we have to believe that we are fighting for the rights of the next generation, for the next young men and women who believe in good.”

“This is not a plea to all police officers,” she writes. “But toward any human being who fails to value life. The war on people of color and all minorities needs to be over. Fear is not an excuse. Hate will not win.”

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are two black men that were killed in two separate police incidents this week. Their death have sparked an outcry among ordinary citizens and celebrities alike.

Beyonce also held a moment of silence and prayer for the victims during her concert in Glasgow on Thursday night.


In her letter she calls on all her fans to stand up against injustice and speak out against anyone who commit crime and go unpunished.

“We’re going to stand up as a community and fight anyone who believes that murder or any violent action by those who are sworn to protect us should consistently go unpunished,” she said.