Denzel Curry Featuring Rell, Slikk, Nell & Yung Kane – ULTRA Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Yung Kane)
Money and power
Rolling and blowing the sour
I could see you as a cowardcs
You get devoured
This is a lyrical shower
Watch me release all this power
Just counting the hour to come
Where the real will be praised
And the child will be able to raise
No fail, this story of polices inflicting they rage
Trying to put us in a grave
Back up ni**a make space
Let the tec burn
Couldn’t even save face
ULT coming f**king up the place
TRNE we the new generation
Patience the key but a ni**a won’t shake
So it come down to it then I’m coming at your neck
Keep a grip on respect
Everybody show love
All I know is trill ni**as, you don’t really want war

(Verse 2 – Nell)
Back up now it’s time to wreck
This TEC get right in his chest
Town hall got me all upset
Cause they turned in and then go double check
These ni**as don’t pose a threat
Put them in that cobra stretch
I be got them close to death
From f**king with the ultimate
I guess this how we posed to get
I’m about to expose some sh*t
These boys don’t be real so now I watch who I be smoking with
It’s best you watch your mouth and pay attention to how close you get
Is they really feeling me?
If they is it’s silly me
Jesus walks within the sea
But most people be scared to bleed
Like curse release some sacred need
Pain and grief remain in reach
Doubt you’ll be restraining me
Give you what you came to see
No matter who you be’s
My G there’ll never be a change in me

(Verse 3 – Slikk)
Lately I’ve been trafficking the H bi**h
Trap’s backed up like Sonic
Got a couple chickens in the safe
Got em waiting for whoever say they want it
Spend the bread and pull up in the Wraith
Kill a hooker pu**y leave her stomach haunted
Get yo ass the f**k up out my face
Just like the Gucci wasn’t worth a couple hundred
I’ve been f**king bi**hes each and every day
I might as well, cause I ain’t slipping, yeah I’m gunning
And I’m indifferent to these bi**hes throwing shade
And in their face I’m there to keep on throwing money
Dirty dipper on my mother f**king waist
I got the tip for when the bi**h get bloody
I got em messing up, I’m all up in her brain
Plus every other bi** in there they wanna s**k me
Now they plotting on me, bopping on me, hopping on me, I’m the one that got you homie
Not the phony, out to Coney Island styling, wiling, kicking doors, and riling
Not a problem, bought the coffin, beg your pardon, there’s a party, fled authority
Foreign forgies, whores and orgies, all of em gorgeous, Bentleys, Porsches

(Verse 4 – Rell)
Shell toes and Timberlands to the cement
Ten toes on the gravel grinding for a reason
Pulling out the region
I’m an archangel not a demon
See the narcs tweaking heavy fiending
Ten hoes want a bottle, f**k em on a balcony, I’m rolling green in
Pop that pu**y leave it leaking
Now I pop a ni**a, is he breathing?
You a phono Chapo, thinking what you preaching?
You should get an Oscar acting like a bi**h
Yeah, I hear ya when it click
And it bust, we ultimate
Got a temper tantrum with the fits
You is not a shooter if you miss
These ni**as leeching, freezing tips
Bi**h I’m not a blood donor
Run the heat and lick that marijuana
Follow me to live another summer
I need to get it all
Stevie Wonder if you blind
Plugging that new state of mind
In the city
In the city, take you for survival

(Verse 5 – Denzel Curry)
Break, dive in the flow
Intervessel when I drive in a soul
Imma have a ball with the glow
Kids next door, jiggs, stick it to the cold, wet
I keep that f**k s**t to a minimum
Government ain’t s**t, never giving up
Six feet deep in a beat
When I’m digging up
Now you sleep, on the head, of the indica, smoke
Invasive with the parasite bite, light
Cause you wanna know what’s in sight, foe
Dark as the evil, the evil
I do not chase what I eat, from
Bi**h, Imma drop an a bomb, bomb
Said that I’ll ring the alarm, gun
Water elemental law, cost
Found it and let it get lost
Bi**h, common sense, comments could miss
Treason and treachery, left in a trench, trench
Perpetrators rest and piss in a ditch
Pit, falling forever whenever you f**k with
They might, turn your face into a chocolate chip
And I’m out this bi**h