Meek Mill Calls Joe Budden Crackhead Says He Won’t Drop Diss Track

Meek Mill has quietly responded to Joe Budden who called him soft and for making that harsh statement in his Podcast where he told his listeners “F*** Meek Mill.”

Budden also said that Nicki Minaj is stupid for even liking the Philly rapper and that he has gotten soft since he started dating her. Seems Budden has some serious issues with Meek.

Joe Budden Says Nicki Minaj is Stupid For Dating Meek Mill

On Wednesday Meek Milly took to his Instagram page to let his fans know where he stands in the beef.

“Petty n***as wanna mention my name to get acknowledged,” he said. “Hoping I react like a fool and give em violence. I rather k!ll em wit success and give em knowledg. Before I throw it all away for a s*cka cuz we the hottest. My momma crib big as a church, I’m being modest. No sleep putting in work that’s how she got it.”

There are also rumors that the Dreamchasers rapper could be releasing a Joe Budden diss record but he said that he will not be engaging in a lyrical feud. Meek Milly basically called Joe Budden a crackhead.

“Nobody ain’t Tryna come at that Shermhead/crackhead Joebuddens this ni**a got the blogs to say I’m about to diss him,” Meek said. “we running down on ni**as off the internet. He ‘s infatuated with rappers lives ni**a a podcaster now lol.”

Like Meek Mill, seems Joe Budden likes to tweet so he offered up a response on Twitter last night.