Joe Budden Says Nicki Minaj is Stupid For Dating Meek Mill

Joe Budden thinks that Nicki Minaj is stupid for dating or even liking Meek Mill. While a lot of hip hop fans would agree with the New Jersey rapper, fans of the Philly emcee thinks that he is just being a hater.

Budden was speaking about their relationship in his new podcast, ‘I’ll Name This Podcast Later Episode 68’ where he openly criticized their relationship.

Joe Budden Catches Some Heat From Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill For Dissing Their Relationship

“She just sounded real stupid,” Joe Budden said. “See, that’s how we just hear different. Nicki sounded real stupid. And I know she’s stupid cause she like stupid ni**as. Because Meek is stupid. I’m just giving you my interpretation. I don’t hear and see sh*t like the rest of y’all. I don’t. So, her saying ‘Have fun with your little podcast,’ while every major mind in the country is doing a podcast.”

The “She Don’t Put It Down” also confirmed that Drake dissed him on his Views single “4 PM in Calabasas.”