Vybz Kartel Album Failed To Chart On Billboard, Alkaline Thrives

Vybz Kartel new album “King Of The Dancehall” failed to make it to the top ten of the Billboard Reggae Album chart, while his arch rival Alkaline climbs two places from No. 9 to 7.

The Linton ‘TJ’ White-produced project has been getting a lot of rave reviews since releasing on June 10. The official first week sales and album stream is not yet available, but the project did peaked at No. 1 on iTunes Reggae chart on the day of its release.

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Alkaline’s latest project “New Level Unlocked” was released on March 25 and debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae Album chart. Since then it has maintained a strong presence in the top 10.

This is Vybz Kartel’s second full length album since his incarceration. Last year he released “Viking (Vybz Is King)” which also saw success on the iTunes chart.


  1. This needs to be updated, Vybz Kartel’s album actually sold more and moved up in the charts while the other artist moved down …alot

  2. According to the Star-

    With first-week sales of 1,867 copies (according to sales tracker Nielsen Music), King Of The Dancehall has the biggest first-week sales for a dancehall artiste since Beenie Man’s Undisputed in 2006.
    This is way bigger than Alkaline 1st week…. Is like urban Island write this without getting the facts straight

    • To be honest, all of the available data support Urban Islandz’ claim–at the time that the article was written that is. Seemingly, the Reggae chart is not updated as punctually as it should.

    • I swear is a bunch a Alkatheifing liars who work for this gossiping non factual journalistic medium. WorlBoss Addijah, KOTD debuted at number 1. His first week he did. This week he’s at number 2. They’re purposefully misinforming and misleading public and fans; an agenda to discourage and bring down Kartel.
      This “news” entity needs to be eradicated.

      The more y’all fight him, as in King Kartel, the stronger he and his fans will get.

      Get love in your hearts and give up the hate.
      Teach that little boy manners; continue to try steal and replicate the King, it comes with the territory. Yet hands may get chopped off.
      God is in Kartels side.

  3. Billboard pic… no 2 debut despite no Album touring which is significant to any Album

    • You know what, I am going to stand corrected; when I check late last week, Kartel was not in the top ten and as we all know, the charts are updated on Wednesdays. This is the best that he has ever done on the charts.

  4. Kartel has the worst kind of fans; they are great at talking, but they do not support his craft. Imagine that, the man has never had a number one Billboard album and he is alleged to be the most popular dancehall artiste. I mean, this album did not make the to the top ten on the Billboard Reggae chart.

    Whilst Alkaline is getting some support from his fans. Let there be no talk that Alkaline is doing better because he able to promote his album himself. As I mentioned, Kartel has never had a number one album on the Billboard Reggae chart–period. I don’t think Kartel and his handlers understand the business aspect of making and releasing albums.