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Vybz Kartel New Album ‘King of the Dancehall’ (Listen)

Vybz Kartel new album “King of the Dancehall” is finally here. The highly publicized project was released on June 10.

The 11-track project saw guest appearances from Demarco, Moncherie, and Gaza Tussan. Linton ‘TJ’ White, who produces the album, says that all the tracks are new singles and not previously released tracks.

In a statement from, Vybz Kartel calls the album a masterpiece. “’King of the Dancehall’ is not a compilation, it is a masterpiece, an album that encompasses the very essence of Adidja Palmer and by extension, The Jamaican experience,” the deejay said. “This album will bring its listeners into the world of hardcore DANCEHALL, not some ‘pop music’ watered down version. It will give you a peak into my Jamaica. Not the one on the tourist board ads, but the real Jamaica…DANCEHALL JAMAICA”

“KOTD” is the only major album to be released by Vybz Kartel this year. But we’ve received a ton of singles from the incarcerated dancehall deejay.

‘King of the Dancehall’ is available for stream on Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes.


  1. I don’t want to hear that Kartel is running dancehall since his album did not make it onto the Billboard Reggae chats after its first week of sales. Kartel’s fans are not putting their money where there mouth is–respectively.

  2. Delete the man thing off u site
    An stop water down the man thing
    U naw talk how the album reach #1 but u can upload it fi views.

    • Am a fan of Vybz Kartel too but your just ignorant right now. The album was released last week Friday and has to be out for at least a week to debut on the Billboard Reggae Chart. unless your referring to another chart that no one cares about.

    • Number one for a day or two on the iTunes chart. When I last checked, one of Bob Marley’s album was number one again in the iTunes Reggae chart. Ziggy Marley has been number one for the past two weeks on the more important Billboard Reggae Chart.

      Actually right now, Kartel a number three behind Bob Marley and Rebellion on the iTunes Reggae chart…

  3. bought it, blasted it, loved it. not as good as the last two albums but definitely worth the 10 bux. been blasting it for 3 days now, you have to lissin to kartels songs loud because the effect is much different.

    got shawn storms album too, fave track is carrot juice, then go fi dem; sivva have a unique vibes thats always enjoyable. almost bought drakes views but i ended up buying one dance instead of the whole album. almost bought alkaline’s album too

    if you have a likkle 20 dollars buy di two gaza album dem yah man lol, they’re pretty good (to me at least lol). support the genre, if you dont buy these, which dancehall album you gonna buy?

  4. I’m having a hard time parting with my money based on the snippets.