Belly ft. Yo Gotti, The Weeknd & 2 Chainz – Might Not (Remix) Lyrics

(Verse 1 – 2 Chainz)
Bi**h I’m 6’5, I should play point guard for the Hawks
I’m a ghetto ni**a, used to eat cereal with a fork
Used my t-shirt for a napkin, I was ratchet as f**k
Put that clean on the plate, watch em vacuum it up
Drop that Weeknd, she start backing it up, alright!
Had a threesome in the back of the truck
Shawty say she ain’t gay, but she curious
If you love me, tat my name on your uterus
Sipping Easter pink, foreign cars for the whole team
F**king with them lames, man you f**king with the wrong team
Gutter like a bowling alley, even in the booth
I’m wearing a Gucci jacket, Cartier lens, bracelet to match it
Scuse me, pass the gasses, headband in the plastic
Like I’m a professor, I’m in my own classes
Turn the work to gymnastics, watch me flip the cash
On her, a shot of the D’usse, and a shot for her ass

(Chorus – The Weeknd)
When the s**t’s too strong, the night’s too long
I took too much and I’ve gone too far
And I might not make it, I might not make it
This time I might not make it
I might not make it, I might not make it
This time I might not make it
I might not make it, I might not make it
This time I might not make it
I might not

(Verse 2 – Belly)
Look, this that barely sober, faded flow, no I might not make it home
Drunk texting all my f**king exes, Casha take my phone
Man I love this s**t, I’d never trade it for my soul
Swear I told Jimmy I might not make it to the show
No, no, no
In California with a vegan chick
She said the only meat she eat is d*ck
I had your girl on 10, but she gon plead the fifth
You still think she a keeper, dog? Keep the bi**h
XO in my bloodwork, whole squad living now
They could spot us anywhere, ape hair sticking out
Wait, I pull up to the party with the Cali plug
You know I prolly brought the drugs when the s**t’s too strong

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Yo Gotti)
First off, let me introduce myself, I’m Mr. Yayo
Condo and two freak bi**hes down in M-I-A-O
Done a video in LA, Mac Dre’s house in Valeo
I got hitters, dealers, tings and thug ni**as on the payroll, yup!
You been popping molly, tryna come down, it’s too late for that
Scratching on your body cause you itching where the drank is at
I’ve been had that ether cause my people manufacture that
Took a break and went to rap, but then I’m going right back to that
Gotti! I might not make it, I know it, I’m taking a risk, my life simple
All I do is get money and f**k with bi**hes… hold up, hold up, hold up
All I do is pull up plugs and f**k up kitchens
Been on for too long, going three strong, four in the morning
I might not make it

(Repeat Chorus)