Lil Wayne Performed At E3 Just Days After Near Fatal Seizures

Lil Wayne is not letting his near fatal seizures stop him from putting on a show for his fans.

The Young Money rapper had two serious seizures earlier this week that triggered an emergency landing of his private jet. He was treated at a local hospital in Omaha and released a day later where he jetted off to Los Angeles for a performance at the E3 conference.

Lil Wayne: Lean Blames For Seizures Rapper In Stable Condition

Wayne seems him good health during his appearance and there was no signs of a Styrofoam cup in his hand. That is a good sign, perhaps he is taking heed considering that lean was to be blamed for his seizures.

Lil Wayne also has a big performance this weekend in Las Vegas that everyone thought he would missed, but he assured his fans that the show will go on.