Lil Wayne: Lean Blames For Seizures Rapper In Stable Condition

Lil Wayne is currently in stable condition in a hospital in Nebraska after having two seizures on his private jet on Monday.

The rapper refused treatment after having the first seizure but had a second one as soon as his private jet took off from the airport prompting the pilot to ground the plane after he became unconscious.

Lil Wayne Had Another Seizure Private Jet Forced To Take Emergency Landing

The Young Money rapper was rushed to a local hospital where he is now listed in stable condition.

“We can confirm that he did experience a minor seizure earlier this afternoon,” a representative for Weezy told The Fader. “Under the guidance of his own doctors, he is now in stable condition and good spirits. He thanks his fans for their everlasting support, prayers, and well wishes.”

As more details comes out regarding the unfortunate incident, sources are saying that Wayne was spotted drinking large quantities of lean the night before while he was performing at the UW Milwaukee Panther Arena. TMZ reported that he had a cup in his hand the entire night.

Lean, also known as sizzurp, is a mixture of promethazine/?codeine syrup and soda that some rappers drink to get a high.

This is not the first time Lil Wayne is having a seizure during a flight. In 2012 and 2013 he had multiple seizures during a flight causing his private jet to make an emergency landing. One of those incident’s was near fatal for the rapper who took weeks to recovered.

There are no word yet on when he will be released from the hospital.

Lil Wayne is again beefing with his former friend/mentor Birdman. The two briefly made peace earlier this year but again had a falling out after their settlement talks broke down.

Weezy is suing Birdman and Cash Money for $51 million and refuses to withdrew his lawsuit even when the pair called a truce.

Do you think Lil Wayne should stop drinking lean?