Ninjaman Threatens Gully Bop and Amari Over Social Media Row

Ninjaman is sending a clear threat to Gully Bop and is girlfriend Amari to stop with their social media antics or face some serious consequences. The dancehall legend released a video on Wednesday morning of himself going in on Bop and Amari over a video that she posted on her social media page yesterday.

“A this you send come give me on my phone my youth,” an angry Ninjaman said. “If it was Jamaica these girls were at I would beat them and I don’t even know what these artists [Gully Bop] is doing to themselves.”

Gully Bop is currently living with his girlfriend Amari in New York. But things seems to be rocky between the couple for the last couple of weeks with the aspiring singer regularly releasing videos bashing the viral dancehall deejay calling him a low life.

Ninjaman seems very salty about the whole thing. Watch the video below with caution.