Larry June ft. OG Maco & Chevy Woods – B A B Lyrics

(Chorus – OG Maco)
Bopping a*s bi**h
Nagging ho, little bopping a*s bi**h
F*** em, f**k em, little bopping a*s bi**h
Naughty bi**h, little bopping a*s bi**h

(Verse 1 – Larry June)
These ni**as bulls**tting, politicking
Thirty rounds in the mini knock em off
Before the rap game, had three foreign whips
Snow bunnies in the loft
Blend in with the scene
Young ni**a been rich, yeen even know it
Bust down, yop Mexico
Damn damn damn, damn damn damn
I’m acting on a f**king renegade
My left wrist on lemonade
I’m jugging off the f**king iPhone
Google Voice for the back page
They doing stings at the Marriott
B*tch it’s time to relocate
My OG once told me
Ain’t no cake like whole cake
Never been to college but I’m making profit
Think that ni**a snitching, wire on his collar
Mobbing out at Nordstroms, smoking on this power
Whipping up the kick, then my ni**a shower
B*tch you out of pocket, why you always wanting?
Never keep it real, why you always lying?
Say your ni**a shining, now you on my line
Keep it moving ho, money on my mind

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Chevy Woods)
Meet your bi**h on a LA flight
Up in first class, I just got a check
Hundred thousand off the tour, I’ma need more
Yeah, put that on the set
Sipping lean out the baby bottle
With the latest model, I just superflex
She just do it when we get into it
Man I swear to god she need a Nike check
Fifty on me like I’m Sonny, woah
Never tell her when I’m coming, woah
I’m just getting to the money, woah
F**k her, pass her, then she got to go
Hit up Larry, told him boy you doing good
48 hundred, that’s my neighborhood
Counting up the paper, making sure it’s good
40 on me, man I wish a ni**a would
Jugging bi**hes off the landline
I’ma blow like a landmine
That’s your bi**h acting like a fan
Had to tell her hold up, she on stand time
Groupie bi**hes in the condo
9 on me like I’m Rondo
Tommy off, need it pronto
It’s raining money, need a poncho

(Repeat Chorus)