Masicka – Any Weh Lyrics

Buss my gun dem in a bwoy face
Anyweh at all
From you run up pon gunman
Head haffi go fall

What a thing when mi line up the crocks dem
Load up the gun dem
Kill bout three a dem
Woozy start fret
Same thing, feds dem waan fi call

(Verse 1)
Spain Town buss dem head
Don’t ramp wid the bloodcl*** swamp a nuh blank
Pu**y and copper and led
Pass mi the askella
One genna, a one genna
Dem a batty man dread

Man shot him, man watch him
Breath leave him body
Reema naw shot him and fled
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God
Tears haffi shed

Genocide, anything run up in a wi dead
Anything run up in a mi dead

Mi walk wid it
Anything run up in a mi dead
Anything run up in a mi dead
Mi claating it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
If a shoot out, a shoot out
Wi never yet hide
When mi kill some pu**y
Any man weh tek side
3 in a dem face, 3 in a dem head side
From the yeng, yeng, start a death ride
The gun a jump, fire buss yo chest wide
Yo friend a try run and him slide
Mi nuh have pity, mi have pride
Slap it in a him face, wa do some bwoy?

From mi tell the crocks Spains up
Quick wi run you down in a the street
And buss yo brains out
Common a killer dem have killer friend
Wi never chat the same road

(Repeat Chorus)