Chevy Woods – All the Way Up (Freestyle) [New Music]

Chevy Woods is “All The Way Up,” off new freestyle single produced by Edsclusive & Cool & Dre.

I’m fresh from Dubai on a loaded jet
I be on the flights you would never catch
Told her pick the tickets up at will cost
Cause her head game jumping, got that bullfrog
All these diamonds on me, it ain’t hard to notice me
Had you in that prescint and you was singing like Jodeci
I ain’t tryna hit it if it ain’t the right publicy
See me with the gang and now she wanna get close to me
I can make time if the head right
And we can talk bread if it’s spread right
F**king up a foreign, got the gears right
And you ni**as keep on talking, this your year right?

Chevy Woods – All the Way Up (Freestyle) Lyrics

Listen track below.