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Mr. Vegas Responds To Popcaan Threat “I Am Just Defending Dancehall”

Mr. Vegas is unfazed by some recent threats by Popcaan following a video he released calling out Drake.

During his lengthy rant, MV said that Drake is being a vulture on dancehall music and not giving the genre credit for the massive success of his recent album Views which sold over a million copies in a week. The “Bruk It Down” deejay also called out the Toronto emcee for not doing a proper feature with Popcaan or Mavado whom he calls his friends.

Mr. Vegas Cursing Out Drake For Not Giving Dancehall Enough Credit For Album Success

But Popcaan came out over the weekend with all guns blazing dismissing Mr. Vegas and letting him know that he don’t want his help.

In a new video in his MV corner series, Mr. Vegas says that he is only defending dancehall and is not doing it to annoy anyone or for publicity. He even drew a comparison between himself and Marcus Garvey.


  1. People, listen to the words of the wise tongue…

  2. This dude talking foolishness maybe you guys need a better promotion team, and learn how to market your selves. How old is that serani song? Which was playing on almost every station hiphop, reggea and r&b!!! First he took shots at drake now he changing his argument. Make better songs that everyone can relate to, if you wanna appeal to a broader audience might get you more exposure.

    • You are clueless; Vegas is correct. Drake sampled non-Dancehall songs and he listed them as official features. Why did he not do the same for the Dancehall artistes that he sampled? These are some of the ways in which Dancehall and Reggae artistes are exploited and ultimately under-credited and under-compensated for their craft.

  3. Everything the man talk is true

  4. Vegas, you have sense but your people are blinded by the hype.