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Popcaan Threatens Mr. Vegas For Dissing Drake “OVO Unruly”

Popcaan has not only threatened Mr. Vegas with violence but he also calls him out for going in on Drake.

All true dancehall fans will know that Drake and Popcaan has a close friendship with the former Portmore Empire deejay even forming his own branch of OVO calls OVO Unruly.

Mr. Vegas Cursing Out Drake For Not Giving Dancehall Enough Credit For Album Success

But Drizzy raised the eyebrow of Popcaan fans when he released his Views album last month and removing the “Unruly Boss” deejay from the single “Controlla.”

Mr. Vegas contention with Drake is that the Toronto emcee is not giving dancehall enough credit for the success of Views. MV even calls out Drizzy for not doing a decent feature with Popcaan and Mavado whom he claimed are his friends.

Popcaan is not buying what Mr. Vegas is selling and address the issue in a video posted on his social media page.

“Me have a matter to address now,” Popcaan said in patois. “Mr. Vegas whats that you do now. You can’t violate Drizzy Drake… Don’t try violate my brother because you don’t know anything about OVO or Unruly. We don’t need you to defend Popcaan.”

Popcaan also called out Mr. Vegas for taking a job at him during one of his performance at Sting.


  1. Obviously salena and lalibela nile you guys dont fully understand the whole business side of the music industry, the island and America things dont differently!!! Its not completely up to drake, his record company popcorn and beenie man team it all has tobe negotiated so everybody can be compensated now and in the long run. Drake did dancehall a favor and vegas just looking attention.

  2. Who wrote this article? I am baffled at the fact that said person placed a statement in quotation marks, when said statement was never uttered. Popcaan is making a fool of himself in this video–the alcohol is not your friend yute.

    The premise of Mr. Vegas’ argument is valid and those who disagree do not understand the business side of Dancehall and Reggae. Dancehall and Reggae artistes, et al have been exploited for decades–there is a need to put a stop to such. Popcorn, as they would say, “Ignorance is a bliss…”

  3. Popcaan is practically groveling for that Drake feature. ?He can’t see that Vegas is fighting for dancehall and not him.