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Mr. Vegas Cursing Out Drake For Not Giving Dancehall Enough Credit For Album Success

It is no secret that Drake’s new album “Views” is heavily influenced by dancehall music. The Toronto rapper has also never been shy about his love for the music originated in Jamaica, but Mr. Vegas feels that he is not giving the genre enough credit.

In a video posted on his social media, Mr. Vegas rant about Drake not truly embracing dancehall but using the genre here and there in his music to get a buzz. The dancehall star went as far as to call Drizzy a fake.

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“Drake the fake is just running with the hot genre right now,” MV rant. “Because when yoy check it out really look how long Drake has been saying Gully before he start saying Gaza… ‘Yow Gully bigup Mavado” but never did a song with Mavado yet and still don’t do a song with Popcaan. So Drake maybe Meek Mill was right you’re a fake.”

Mr. Vegas is clearly feeling salty about Drake right now. But does he have a point?

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  3. This is the most manly I’ve ever seen Vegas.

  4. direct that energy towards a marketing strategy to get dancehall more mainstream/global if you really believe in the genre, all of this was unnecessary. It come in like yah a look to di man fi save dancehall, di man nuh owe dancehall nothing but him still contribute to more exposure of our music and because of that, 5 years from now other genres will embrace and respect dancehall more and love our music.

    You should capitalize on this wave that drake kicked off to capture those new international fans. make a mixtape named “views from 876” and get strategic/creative with the media and advertising and marketing, reach out to international platforms to help push the project. unnu have too much time fi watch n chastise ppl

    thats why kartel was always a leader and trendsetter, he never wasted time on following up ppl, he was always working on another venture to lock yard & foreign.. lrg up di bloodclaat boss everytime.

  5. Oh shut up u fruit loop, do you yell at jamaicans copying hip hop? Foh

    • Get your facts correct! Jamaican create hip-hop…..

      • LOL really? so why does alkaline have fetty wap extentions and kartel is ‘thug life’ like tupac?

      • No dog Kartel have extensions way before Fetty Wap even dream of coming out & Alkaline ah live in Kartel shadow so ah Kartel extensions him have dog?

      • Lol…and kartel got it from lil wayne….tattoos identical to soulja boy….thug life west coast/tupac influence etc…point is, hip hop influences dancehall way more than dancehall influences hip hop. Regardless of its origin. Also vegas statement makes no sense cuz drake DID big up everyone,just not him lol

      • RedCarpetShelley

        Vegas is criticizing the lack of credits listed on the album. As far as I can tell the album does not officially credit any of the dancehall artists who were sampled.. this is how the artists get recognition and paid. Although “Biggups” are nice, they don’t get your bills paid. And, for the record, yes, hip hop was born out of the Jamaican artists who migrated to the U.S. and began chatting over riddims during dancehall sessions. This was the first form of rapping… I’m out….
        FOLLOW: RedCarpetShelley

      • you clearly don’t understand how contracts work

      • omg why does everyone keep,repeating same sh on here , thatss not the subject n verify ones knowledge on tings before u preach.
        Lotta times artists get paid without written credits,esp if their publishin in screwed. Cold cash

      • If they aint complaining,neither shud vegas

      • Your name is freaking hilarious.?

    • DaStrongSKRAWN

      Look up DJ Kool Herc, retard. Jamaicans began the rap genre and are credited doing so. Drake is a culture vulture and has always been fake.
      Mr. Vegas > Drake

      • oh stfu this has notin to do with roots of hip hop ; nowadays most goofy dancehall artists mimick American rappers, not the other way around. and drake has been supporting dancehall his whole career; I’m not a fan but facts are facts.

    • U sound dumb