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Can Alkaline Win A Grammy For His Debut Album ‘New Level Unlocked’ ?

Is Alkaline’s debut album “New Level Unlocked” Grammy worthy?

At least that is what popular producer DJ Frass thinks. Frass is the executive producer behind the project which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae chart and garnered rave reviews among dancehall fans.

“We are looking to go to the highest level with this album, and we aimed for difference,” DJ Frass said. “This could be my second Grammy, who knows? Based on how positive sales are going, a Grammy is very much possible, a dat wi a hope for. This is good for dancehall and reggae because, if you check the chart the album is representing well for us and is competing with the foreign artistes weh a duh reggae, and a lead wi as it relates to sales.”

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The success of the album came as a surprise to Alkaline’s critics given the fact that he is not signed to a major record label.

“Some people are surprised, but I am not surprised because we already had a plan and the album is world class. Based on the popularity of the songs on social media, I knew something special was going to happen.”

DJ Frass is also urging local artists to release more albums to give Jamaican artists a bigger presence on the Billboard chart.

The big question still remains is Alkaline album worthy of a Grammy?

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  1. Utter rubbish; first and fore most, this album that only sold a little over 700 copies in this first week, should not be mistaken for a sales success. It is no longer in the top 10 and sure that they are yet to sell 2000 copies–as the sales fell precipitously after the first week.

    Secondly, there is relationship between sales and the Grammy–that is a misconception. Success? If this is successful, what then would they regard as a failure? Individuals need to stop lying. I am befuddled by this notion that individuals are impressed by the lack of success that this album represents.

    If this album is a microcosm of the industry at large, they Dancehall is dying a painful and miserable death…

    • I agree 100% Never in a million years is this album worthy of a Grammy (nomination or award). Cannot even call/rate him as a credible dancehall artiste either…I personally think his ‘music’ is awful

  2. many of our artists are grammy worthy. we should have been winning grammy’s, we just dont have a strong presence in the grammy realm, but our talent has been here all along. dancehall & reggae has more grammy worthy artists than hip-hop, just dont get the recognition. the carib needs to build up them owna thing

    • Listen, Dancehall and Reggae artistes only compete against themselves. The reason why a lot of these artistes have not been nominated much less win Grammy awards, is because they don’t address the requisite business needs.

      Not to mention, individuals with the fraternity, especially the ones in Jamaica aren’t registered to vote for Grammy nominees and actual award winners. The artistes and industry insiders are their own worst enemies…

      • i agree, & that is why i say that dancehall needs to focus on building and becoming a more viable market. my comment was about the talent, if talent is the topic then we already have it and thats no problem, but the business aspect is indeed weak and needs reform. not enough business minded ppl with good business experience.

      • Dude you getting the grammy and Oscars mix up!!! jada was boycotting the oscars because her husband wasn’t nominated for a weak performance.

      • thanks for the correction, but the point still remains

      • This me, i agree with your point but there’s a whole lot holding dancehall music back!!!! Remember the 90th dancehall seems like it was unstoppable, sad to say but the constant bashing the gay communities seems to really affect dancehall music, the Grammys and most record companies control by the gay communities. Why most artists can simply get a work visa to travel? Also affect dancehall music big time. Most artist dont have a stronge team, poor promotion and the current trend of shark value more than music quality just some of my observations.

      • Look at the afrobeats music coming from africa combination of dancehall and hiphop. Dancehall artist needs to stick to it core, make more feel good music!!! People love partying and having a good time and thats the formula most artists needs to stick with.

      • Definitely!! Wish people can just have a positive dialogue, with out the negativity we can