Tommy Lee Sparta & Masicka – Friend Anthem (Real Link) Lyrics

Big up mi friend dem
Mi love dem all
Protect dem Jah
Protect dem Jah

(Verse 1)
Tommy Lee
From dem diss one a wi
Dem diss all
Crock’s ready fi go defend it
Nuh care how it small
Some a wi a smoke, some a wi a play ball
None a wi nuh joke from you dis the rain fall
Deh pon the go cause wi never like stall
White line, man tire a white squal

Hello, mi brother from jail just call
G nothing don’t change
Just the money get tall

Masicka, I said meck wi run a boat then wi kick ball
Wi nuh waan no new friends, go tell dem the ship gone
Mi friend dem stick around fi mi when it did hard
Now the money start meck suh unuh benefit star
Fake friend get dash weh like dem a dirty water
If the chain link quick you better cut if off sah
Big up to mi real friend yeah you a mi G then
Mi couldn’t trust another

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
From eye deh a knee days mi got dem real friend yah
Real genna, real brother G dem yah
Suh me prefer keep dem yah 3 friend yah
Me better….cleaver

Man a walk wid the fire
Protect mi friend dem in a days like these
And who dropped out dem mother pain might ease
Weh the high grade? Weh the cheese?

No bwoy cyaa style my friend dem
If almighty a guide
Far wi a come from far
Mi know my friend dem

That’s why wi never give up
Wi a go stock the money f**king high
Me and mi brother dem suh fly
Me and mi brother dem suh fly
Oh my

(Repeat Chorus)