GoldLink – Celebration Freestlye Lyrics

(Verse – Goldlink)
Yo Cocaine its not rice
Bi**h I am back
Coming back bi**h
I am coming back
And I am posted up on your Cadillac
And my hoes are tight
And your bi**h ain’t bad
Cardiac its all beating fast
I should beat your ass
Pop ni**a where your pops at ni**a
Real ni**a rock gold til its touchdown ni**a
Juice and Juice
Got a ni**a loose
Hang a ni**a noose
Bottle goose
Popping off the top
The top we popping too
Flow is terrible
Heroin addict
I am so advit
I am much better than your dealer
Cause my music makes a habit havoc
We just having fun
We killing ni**as for the f**k of it
Running s**t
Last year we were quiet
Now we want it bi**h
Feeling like Big L
Back up in his Harlem Days
He says he’s so unfadable
I fade him like I am Hardaway
He contemplate
I am contemplate if I should let him live today
I am so gorgeous
He says these hoes ain’t s**t to me
My top laid back
And my rims shine too
And my head be looking spiffy
And my shoes be fly too
Never fall completely off
When I be sporting
Count your blessings
Never stressing
Bi**h I am flexing when I do
I do say great no lie
Can a young ni**a spit so nice
Can a clip hit a ni**a with a five
Can a five hit a ni**a like a nine
We deep as a motherf**ker
Rolling like a clan
Greatest motherf**ker with the mic up in my hand
Never looking backwards
We only seek for better things
Your favorite road girl just hit me up
She need that mary jane
She golden
Rolled it
And smoked it
I told her to take this d**k
Like wait
And hold it
Like mirror motherf**king mirror
Mirror on the wall
Who got bigger juicy golden balls than your dog
See I am a crazy motherf**ker
With an ugly ni**a face
Pretty ni**a voice
I take the strap??
Peek a boo the pu**y
Bi**h I need me something new
Treat me like a baby
Let’s play blue clues with the crew
Nine nina
Rolling up that stinker
Smoking on that steamer
Rolled that beam up
Bigger body benz
F**king all your friends
It ain’t my fault she said she want that d**k
I piped that s**t
Plus it hurt
She said she need that work