Cam’ron ft. Juelz Santana – Oh Yeah Lyrics

(Intro – Cam’ron)
Everybody talking bout Flea, What you going to do?
I’ma do what I want when I want
Okay, welcome back

(Verse 1 – Cam’ron)
Yo, he want to play with me, man
I play with triggers
Took the oven off my waist
Started baking ni**as
Doctor brought her back to life
I’m like, y’all breathing ni**as
Went in the ER, told em stop saving ni**as
Hood investor, silver Tesla
Check my dresser, I’m the best dresser
Who dress better?
Salad ni**a, you dress lettuce
What’s his address?
I’ll address him like you address letters
Kanye daughter, pink fur and white tee
Sorry, Mike, the kids want to be like Flea
Like me, make a movie, no Spike Lee
Tell girls politely
Come to the crib, it’s icy

(Chorus – Cam’ron)
And they be like, oh yeah
And I be like, oh yeah
I hit your girl with the fall away
Tell her look, we gon have a ball today
All the way, all she say yeeeeeah
And I be like, oh yeah
And she be like, oh yeah
We turning up, oh yeah

(Verse 2 – Cam’ron)
Cut your wrist, I cut the deck
I tell corporate
Cut the s**t, cut the check
We used to beatbox at weed spots
Me, I turned Reeboks to Flee-boks
Kicks are like heroin or green tops
Either way I had the line wrapped three blocks
Only thing you shooting man is cheap shots
I tell models, Please squat, eat c**k, slurp
And they be like, oh yeah
Play with me you need not
S**t, I got more flavor than a peacock
Don’t listen in, or get eavesdropped
Seen his crew, middle finger I greet them all
You, you, and you, I’m talking to all three of y’all
Tell strippers, look I believe in y’all
Call me mañana, let’s see the mall
I’m treating y’all

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Juelz Santana)
So rugged, but the hoes love it
Cold-blooded ni**as don’t want it
My jewels, gold clustered and stone studded
B*tch in the shower, bone crushing and soap sudded
Everybody dead, Dipset’s most wanted
And I still got a boatload of coke coming
Selling that Nino Brown, getting that G money
Nickel rock, ki money, half oz money
Let me chill, cause ni**as got that speak money
Talk to police money, get out of jail free money
You got that, I got that capiche money
Got that where the f**k is my title?
You got that lease money

(Repeat Chorus)