Popcaan – Preserve My Life Lyrics

Notnice when mi a go school
4 miles mi used to walk
Now man a rise and jealousy take over dem heart
Big up mi real thugs dem weh feel good
When dem hear seh Popcaan top the chart

Oh God preserve the life I live
Loudly and proudly
Mi can seh mi never burn my bridge

Dutty badmind, why you wanna stop my life?
Why unuh nuh waan fi see a black man rise yeah
Poverty is not my choice
Tell mi why you really waan fi stop Notnice? Yea!

Wi waan drive Roseroyce
Waan have more than a million nice
Drink Champagne pon the private flights

(Verse 1)
Josh wi a people weh walk through the dark valley
Ghetto youths, whole heap a bad vibes and sad story
Man meck it now suh mi give God glory
People weh hate me now dem waan talk to me
My destiny great dawg and dem know, dem know
Man a Gaad in a the earth now
And it show, it show
Any bwoy weh nuh real time reveal to me
Mi tell Skid mi a go lock the place
It reveal to she

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Big up every youth in the streets weh a hustle wid the cabby car
Eyes on the prize and dem cyaa distract mi cause
Unruly a come from nothing at all
Man never have nothing at all yea
Now right now nothing nuh stall
Anytime mi step up a the mall
Jah don’t fail me, fail wa?
Right now every ghetto youth a lift up like elevator
Man waan buy a house up a cherry hill and celebrate
Dem nuh waan wi meck the millions and add it up like calculator

(Repeat Chorus)