I-Octane x Rickey Teetz – Holding Firm Lyrics

Hey Rickey Teetz wi a go link till wi die, die
Naw sell out, naw sell out
Naw sell out, naw sell out

Cause we holding firm
Thanks fi the likkle weh wi earn
One day the tables haffi turn

Cause we holding firm
Give thanks fi the likkle weh wi earn
One day the tables haffi turn

(Verse 1)
Naw kill none a my link dem fi climb up no ladder
Bow down fi get it, nuh want it don’t bother
Although time rough bitter like gallbladder
Rather help up a link if mi see him a stagger
The system have wi mind dutty like trench
Wi dreams dem bruk left wi life in a pain
Dawg a nam dawg just fi get a likkle gain
Still a hope and pray fi some change

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Rickey teetz
Wi meck money spend some
Cause wi believe wi fi own lots of house nuh fi rent none
Every youth from Mobay to trench town
Stand firm nuh bother bend down
Mi nuh love write but da one yah mi haffi pen down
Because the system the people dem pen down
When mi fly out lots of things mi haffi send down
Shoes in a barrel
Nuh bother feel seh mi send gun

(Repeat Chorus)

The tables haffi turn
But from you lazy you naw go earn
Don’t trust the system it nuh concern
But you life stand firm
Stay straight like a perm

Octane, wi a gwaan chad the journey
Every mickle meck a muckle suh wi learn hi
Wishing fi better wi deserve hi
Wi fight the trials mi seh like an attorney

(Repeat Chorus)