Nipsey Hu$$le – Ocean Views Lyrics

(Chorus 2X)
Ocean views, small circle it’s the chosen few
I wrote it down and I followed through
I bought a pound and we rolled a few
I talk s**t but you know its true

(Verse 1)
Blessings, bi**hes in my section
Young with all this money, I’m obsessive, weapons
Turning off y’all extras
Turning off this bulls**t direction
Turning off my grind
Waking up to mo pressure
But it’s all in yo mind, so I never feel pressured
Know it’s all in due time, now hunnid stacking like tetris
Hussle hard is my message and double back and get extras
Know I spaz when i cash it
Yellow bone white Lexus, all black tint, two white cups, fat gold chains
I’m just young and im reckless, I’m just
I’m just out the whole time with my top down and I’m reving
I don’t know about hell, I don’t know about heaven
All I know is bout right know this lifestyle is interesting
I’m just down in my section I just write these confessions
Ni**as die to get life around me I guess that I’m an exception

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Blood, I’m in the streets with my cuban on
In my benz with my music on
All…like juvinile, s**t, I’ve been on my grind
I ain’t usually home, focused on not using phones
Lately I’ve been using songs to give my points across
While ni**as round me lose it all, but that’s your point to toss
I guess I always knew the ball
And as the world revolves I’m cracking cuz I do my job
From f**king hood rats to f**king stars
Spending all cash, sliding cards, it’s the definition of living large
Smoking top flight in the biggest cars
Told you 08 this s**t was ours, getting this cake yeah ni**a we getting more look at this world young ni**a it’s really yours
Ni**a this really mine, my ni**as is really…them buildings is really high and cars is really foreign and all I see is

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Yeah, early morning off that flight though we go go hard and get right bro
10 years later I’m alright though
Look, these ni**as act like they dont like dough
They be mad cuz ni**as shinning bright though
Look, I got a Ruger and a
But Imma let you pick which way tonight go
I got my dough right plus the right goal
I mean it’s legal, pay taxes to the white folks
My precision, stay cracking till my life’s low, then when I die
Blue rag around my rifle
Hunnid thousand in my coffin thats just life though
Play a Stevie Wonder song, smoke some fly bro
Then pour in some sprite bro
Until that day I’m walking towards
All I see is

(Repeat Chorus)

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