Young Scooter ft. Future – The Grind Don’t Stop Lyrics

The grind don’t stop
Why would I stop

(Chorus – Future)
I guess you don’t know how much this mean to me
What I’m living right now was just a dream to me
Divine intervention my destiny
Want me to show you how to cook it in the recipe
I’m long gone in the wind now
I can forget about my sins now
And displaying back in memory, the grind don’t stop for me

(Verse 1)
Can’t stop grinding, I gotta get my paper right
Made it through the struggle, hard time and them broke nights
Late night staying down, sleeping in the crack house
Used to dream to be the Birdman, I’m living my dream now
25 thousand for a show, still trap now
I’m living for my kids now, know how momma feel now
Daddy on the tv screen, I love to see my kids smile
My daddy wasn’t around me, I kept grinding I work mills now

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Count, grind, count, grind they hate that I’m legit now
Late nights in the studio, I had to stay down
Can’t make cocaine so I done put my grind down
Future made 1000, man we had a house full of pounds
Gotta grind before you shine, I’m Tryna shine before you grind
F**k up something everytime
I always had to grind for mine
Freebandz Worldwide, I almost died on this grind
Black Amigo, Scooter bout a check and it’s grind time

(Repeat Chorus)