Birdman ft. Derez De’Shon & Ralo – Neighborhood Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Ralo)
At night I think about it, them ni**as can’t without me
Them bi**hes try to doubt me, a ni**a came up out it
Talking about it, ni**as ain’t bout it, you just talking
How could they doubt me? How could they doubt me? They wasn’t around me
How could they give and take it from us?
All of my ni**as that made it with us
F**k all them haters, they can’t get in touch
I was impatient, I was in a rush
I taking that molly, making her mind up
I care for nothing, I made it, I promise
F**k all the comments, they hating on us
Tell them they want this cause nobody done this
I be stacking it up, they not be showing no love, I got that s**t out the mud
I sit in front of that jug, I didn’t have much, I barely made it to court
I’m on my mama’s support, she didn’t abort, I owe that lady the world
Til I did it for her, for her, she still my favorite girl

(Chorus – Birdman)
Yeah, we move them bricks in my neighborhood
Double strap with the macks in my neighborhood
We get the money, flip them hundreds in my neighborhood
I staying tote stay down in my neighborhood
Bust guns and don’t trip ni**a, clear a round and get flipped ni**a
Hustle just for them Crips ni**a, we do this sh*t just for them flips ni**a
We all gravy in my neighborhood
We get them hundreds, keep it running through my neighborhood

(Verse 2 – Ralo)
Counting the bricks, counting the bricks, counting the bricks
I want your bi**h, you want your bi**h, she want the d**k
Pull up, pull up in that Wraith with the plugs, none of these ni**as gon take it from us
F**king with us, ni**a you would, I be f**king these hoes in the club
F**k the OP, I know that I did it, all of my ni**as gon handle their business
I get it, I spend it, you know that I’m winning, none of my ni**as been broke in a minute
All of these bi**hes embrace me, I think it’s because of my bracelet
You see that look on they faces, you know them ni**as was hating
Tell em that I’m gonna win, I’m gonna do it again, none of my ni**as have been
I just got out of the pen, now get rich off a pen
Do you remember me selling dope?
I used to live at that yellow stone
Now a ni**a doing better though
I ain’t ever going back to broke

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Derez De’Shon)
Ever hear the song? Time ain’t money, got the Rollie and they still on me
On the highway with no license and they still on me
I got a stick on it right now, that loud talking, better pipe dow
Fore I catch a body right now, yeah I’m talking right now
Officer outside claiming county fore you try, better think about it
Wrist roll, ni**ga bank about it, everybody having paper rounds
Most of these ni**as be lying, most of these ni**as be lying
Never committed a crime, pull out a fine, they crying, what’s on the back of your mind?
I’m on that mob s**t, we steal it, we rob s**t, we kill it
No swiping, no cop s**t, in the trench, got dope in the closet in the skillets
Crips and Bloods show me love in my neighborhood
Before you cross me, better be cautious in my neighborhood

(Repeat Chorus)