Gully Bop Denies Having A Baby Mama, Says Female Is Delusional

Gully Bop has stepped forward respond to allegations that he has a baby on the way.

Earlier this week a woman posted a video on social media claiming that she is pregnant for the viral dancehall deejay. But Bop is denying those claims calling her delusional.

A’Marie Talks Dating Gully Bop “He Cries A lot He Is Very Sensitive”

“Seems like some girls are dreaming that Gully Bop is their baby father but Gully Bop can’t get no more kids in life,” the deejay said. “It’s just someone looking a hype… but look I have no baby mama.”

Bop also confirmed that his new girlfriend is aspiring singer/radio host A’Marie.

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  1. Please Gully Bop go sit down and stoo lying, now you are denying all your chikdren you have around 7 or 8 and one on the way. This is what happens when you do not put your sear belt on. Time you do away now enough of your childish rubbish and nonsense.