Busy Signal Featured In LG Ad With Jason Statham

Busy Signal vocals was used in a new LG smartphone advertisement with famed action star Jason Statham.

The ad is for LG’s flagship smartphone the G5. The 1-minute clip was released on April one and saw Statham playing multiple versions of himself in a action scene while Buys Signal vocal plays in the background over a dancehall beat. The video already rocked up close to 2 million views on YouTube.

The single “Everybody Move” was released by the dancehall deejay back in 2014. But this is not the first time the Turf boss vocals is being used in a major advertisement.

Back in 2013, Busy Signal music was also the soundtrack for an ad with soccer great Lionel Messi.


  1. I see this commercial a lot on TV. I’m so happy for Busy.?

  2. Now this is what you call real paradigm shifting movements. Global di man seh…

  3. nice, look like busy lock dung europe. biggup dancehall and every talented dancehaller

  4. Super cool for Busy.