Miss Kitty & Yanique Barrett Could Be Fired From Magnum Kings & Queens After On Air Argument

This one is being called the battle of the curvy divas. Miss Kitty and Yanique Barrett could find themselves out of a job following their embarrassing on air argument during last weekend’s Magnum Kings and Queens of dancehall episode.

What was even more surprising was that TVJ did not cut for commercial break during the entire incident.

The incident has dominated social media since last weekend with a lot of fans of the show blaming Miss Kitty for instigating an argument on live TV.

“I just want to clear the air now, because I am a real woman, I am a real top gal a road so we deal with things directly,” Miss Kitty began. “Some things have been said, and I just want to clear them up. You and I have no beef whatsoever. This manufactured beef is disingenuous, it is duplicitous, it doesn’t exist. The manufactured feud that we have doesn’t exist at all.”

In her defensem Yanique Barrett agreed that there were no beef but also told Miss Kitty that it was unprofessional to address that issue on live TV.

“We didn’t have no beef but my thing is, so instead of coming on air, how about addressing me?” she said. “My dressing room is next to you, and it’s been awhile, so therefore you are doing it for the public. Kitty? Me this! Yanique. If we have an issue, you can come to my dressing room and say that.”

There will also be a high level meeting with Magnum Kings and Queens producer Mark Kenny and sponsors after which action could be taken.

“It was not something that was planned by our team,” Kenny said. “People will go off script, and that could be seen as unprofessional. As far as I’m concerned, these things happen in live television sometimes that are unprecedented, and the appropriate actions will be taken. Sanjay had to come and instruct Yanique to carry on the show and to discontinue the conversation, but it didn’t affect the running of the show.”

Kenny also noted that the incident will in no way affect the shows reputation.


  1. fired for what? who could fill their heels right now?

  2. This was an exhausting read. Her breasts look rock solid.?