Ace Hood – The Type Lyrics

(Verse 1)
See me and just act like you don’t know a ni**a
I finessed the beat it’s just to show a ni**a
Triple beaming scheming I’m a rap dealer
I’m the type who don’t condone a hoe ni**a
I’m the type to serve it like a bartender
I’m the type to sauce em in some Margielas
I’m the type to get this s**t from state to state
Throw some 26s on a Chevrolet
I’m the type to count that money everyday
Dez Bryant flow I’m born in 88
Never gave a f**k about what a hater say
You must not see these diamonds in this Rollie face
I’m the type to give my problems all to God
I’m the type to keep it real it and never flaunt it
I’m the type to meditate my nerves bad
I’m the type to smoke an ounce of loud pack
I’m the type to pray and then’ll sin again
I’m the type who love to see his ni**as win
I’m the type the streets look at for motivation
Ain’t the type to snitch when interrogated
I’m the type to go and get my own though
I’m the type to roll up got my own smoke
You the type who looking for a handout
Always got some business bout what you heard about it
We the type of guy who kept it way realer
I be hella juugin off of painkillers
Whoa kemosabe, whoa kemosabe
You talk slick to me then I might catch a body
Hold up I’m focused, bi**h I’m the s**t halitosis
Please do control your emotions and do not jump in this ocean
You want bars well I’m doing prison time with this s**t
You think it’s glamour and glitzen, we keep them hammers and sticks
The police don’t love us, they quick to shoot us and dig us a ditch
I’m the type if you talking I’ll smack you right in your s**t
I’m on a dock with my ni**                as witnessing sinking your ship
And if you f**k with my family I’ll send a bomb as a gift
For real though, real though
Youngin killing for some stripes and pair of shell toes
You do not want me to bring them to your front door
You do not want meet them Haitians they are cutthroat
I think it’s funny ni**as sleeping on the boy, woah
This that hand toss f**k that Digiorno
I think these ni**as got me twisted like a cornrow
It’s hood nation bi**h and I’m the head honcho

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