Will President Obama Pardons Buju Banton ?


President Obama may hold the key to Buju Banton freedom. A new petition was launched on the Whitehouse website is getting a lot of attention.

It is widely believed that the last year of a President’s term is when they’re most likely to give pardon because they switch their focus on the people. Obama will be leaving office on January 20, 2017.

Buju Banton Pens Message To His Fans “Stay Strong”

“It’s been proven in the past that presidents, when they are leaving office, they pardon people for crimes they have committed,” the petitioner said. “Not an acquittal, but forgiveness.”

Buju Banton is currently serving a 10-year sentence for drug trafficking and is scheduled to be released from prison in late 2018. The Grammy-winning reggae singer has maintained his innocence but failed to win a new trial through multiple appeals.

During his trial, Banton’s legal team argued that he was entrapped into a drug trafficking ring by a paid U.S. informant with a criminal record.

Despite getting a lot of support, it is widely believe that getting President Obama to pardon Buju Banton is still a long shot.

Side note, President Obama is a huge fan of reggae music.


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      • KaribbeanKing4lyfe


    • KaribbeanKing4lyfe

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