Full Video.. Katt Williams Get Beat Up By 7th Grader

A video surfaced online yesterday showing Katt Williams getting beat up by a 7th grade kid after throwing the first punch.

Up until now only a portion of the video was made available. But the full clip shows the comedian playing soccer with some kids in Atlanta before getting into an argument with one of them.

Things went south when Katt Williams threw a punch at the kid. The kid, who is reportedly in the 7th grade, ended up getting Katt into a choke hold. It whole thing was embarrassing for Katt Williams but he ended up humor it out.

Katt Williams is currently out on bail for several recent runnings and part of the condition of his bail is for him to stay out of trouble.

Someone could be heading back to jail after getting beat up.


  1. This is the purest example of why you shouldn’t glorify ghetto trash. And you’ll listen to his smug justification as to why he felt compelled to punch a young boy instead of inspiring him with reason and taking on a big brother mentality.
    Y’all are gonna have to stop making excuses for this MF and send him a clear message, that he needs to get some professional help in order to deal with his “Short Man” Syndrome. You don’t ever hear of Kevin Hart pulling any of these type of stunts, that’s how you can tell a real mature adult from a pint size buffoon.

  2. Americans love filming instead of intervening.

    • KaribbeanKing4Lyfe

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