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Aesop Rock – Untouchable (AR Version) [New Music]

Aesop Rock dropped new single “Untouchable (AR Version).” Go stream track below..

Three’s company, Appetite for Destruction tee
Chunky Monkey, Funyuns, I can feel the cat judging me
Please, I’ve seen you eat your puke and drink the toilet water
Which completely renders your opinion void, you little f**ker
Poison puffers hit the reef, hissing through their missing teeth
Pissy like a Minotaur with six hours in the middle seat
Or middle schoolers protesting the mystery meat and Catcher ban
Castaways walk into the same light as Carol Ann
Dagger in his teeth and treat a rapper like a rack of lamb
His allergy is middling, his middle finger’s Plastic Man

Aesop Rock – Untouchable (AR Version) Lyrics

Listen full track below.

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