Jahmiel – Reason To Love Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Every real man need a real girl
And every real girl need a real man
One weh naw go let you make the wrong decision
And if you think you nuh have a shoulder
You have one to lean on

Caw you care for me
Always there for me
If you nuh hear from me
I might be on the plane baby

Soon come back home fi have you back in a mi arms
Mi remember when a just we alone

You never give up and me yet
And mi nuh give up on you
You deh, deh, when it shabby
Suh you meck mi love you

Suh nuh watch the things
You nuh watch the blings
Turn you in a mi queen

(Verse 2)
So much cute face and good shape out deh
But it hard fi find a real girl out deh
One weh know seh today things move fast
But tomorrow it might slow yeah
One weh meck you happy even when you nuh have no money
Shi meck mi laugh when mi do supn funny
Use her last fi buy some food fi wi tummy
Cyaa diss you no day

(Repeat Chorus)