Buju Banton Son Markus Myrie and I-Octane Beefing

Buju Banton son Markus Myrie and his longtime friend I-Octane are beefing and it could get ugly.

The producer and the singjay have been close friends for the last couple of years but a fallout last summer have them both resenting each other. Markus is also saying that their relationship has been on shaky grounds months before that, but a diss song from I-Octane was the final blow.

Markus says that the beef is stemming from his support for Popcaan who is beefing with I-Octane.

“Me and I-Octane nah deal from July,” Markus said. “Mi put up a video on Instagram using the slang ‘Kickout’ and he and his manager called me about it and was chatting up a bag of things. After that, they blocked me on Whats App because dem and Popcaan nuh good. Wi split and a do wi own thing, then him a guh sing song seh boy sell out dem friend for Mark X. At the time a me a drive a Mark X, suh mi know a me him a talk.”

Last weekend Markus Myrie took to his Instagram account to preview two new diss songs aimed at I-Octane from a artist in his camp called D East.

Last month I-Octane released a new single “No Badda Dan Jah” where he mentioned a friend who sell out for a Mark X.

And a spar wid the heartless thugs dem
Pon people put cyaa change
Gun dem
Mash dem up like a starlet
Bwoy sell out him friend fi Mark-X


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  1. I-Octane sounds like a jealous female. Geeze. Now Popcaan and I-Octane…why they love fight so?