Young Thug – ft. Lil Uzi Vert Dope Lyrics

Ohhh, dope
Ohhh, dope
Ohhh, dope
Hey Molly, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Chorus – Young Thug)
Smoking on that good til I can’t breathe
I just filled my mouth up with gold like some teeth
I whipped it out, she s**k on me and Uzi
Yeah, she my whoadie til I leave
I put my dope inside a backwood, yeah a leaf
I put that hole right in her crack and she a G
Yeah, he the one who put them diamonds in his teeth
Like, aye, bawawa

(Verse 1 – Lil Uzi)
Yeah, getting all this money I can’t die
Yeah, getting all this money I can’t die
Yeah, I know why that money multiply
Yeah, tell that bi**h look at my face
Yeah, Fendi’d down all on my face
Yeah, hold up baby got cake
Aye, ask her how much does she weigh
Yeah, hold up, this send away
Yeah, only money in the way
Yeah, I do not care
Yeah, put that bleach all in my hair
Yeah, my girl she don’t got no hair
Yeah, cause she only use that Nair
Yeah, feel like Rick Flair, when I walk in with the roll
Told that bi**h open her mouth, yea, I put my d**k in her throat
When I see me, better pay me for a show, yeah
Never put trust in a ho, yeah
Number one, we’re stacking dough, yeah

(Repeat Chorus 2X)